Eat and two veg – Vitality food with less meat

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One of the most striking trends in today's eating habits is the freedom people feel to compose meals in which meat or fish play only a minor role.
These people are not vegetarians - in fact, they recoil instinctively from the missionary zeal associated with vegetarianism. They are passionately interested in good food based on the best raw materials. They
love salads, vegetables, rice, pasta and pulses.
Sometimes they enjoy meat, poultry and fish. Desserts for them tend to fall into one of two categories: either simple, fruit-based pleasures, or rather wicked and beautiful indulgences for special occasions.
Such people eat well and simply every day. They entertain in the kitchen, without ceremony, as well as in the dining room. They are young and not so young. They are curious to try new ingredients and
are open to influences from foreign cuisines.
This book is for them.
David & Charles