Mind & Muscle

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ISBN978-0736037532, 0736037535

If you really want to succeed as a bodybuilder, you need to develop your mental power right along with your muscle power. Mind & Muscle can help you acquire the mental toughness you need to succeed.
From the most basic goal setting for body shaping to the most advanced psyching techniques for competing, this book contains the best and most specific mental-training information tailored to strength
development and bodybuilding.
No other book takes such a focused look at this important aspect of the bodybuilding lifestyle. Mind & Muscle explains how mental training works with muscle trainin to produce visible results. And it
goes beyond theory. It's also a hands-on workbook that brings mental training into the world of muscle training. Easy-to-use exercises and self-tests show you how to assess and develop your psychological
strengths, and a thoroughly guided sample workout incorporates mental exercises into your physical workout.
Mental preparation and the right attitude during training and competition separate superior athletes from good athletes. Just as you train your muscles by lifting weights, you can develop mental skills
by practicing them diligently and consistently. You can build the body you've always wanted when you harness the power of Mind & Muscle.