New Wave Luau

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"Exciting food should exercise the senses and stretch the palate."
Because of Hawaii's exceptional cultural diversity- enriched by countless Eastern, Western, and native influences a unified, distinctive cuisine from the region has been slow to evolve. Only in the last few years has the term "Hawaii Regional Cuisine" finally entered into the culinary lexicon.
With the opening of his award-winning Honolulu restaurant in 1995, Alan Wong helped establish what Bon Appétit heralded as a "new wave" of top chefs whose "multi-cultural cooking has brought excitement to the Hawaiian dining scene."
In a unique triumph of East-West style, this imaginative genre-bending fare combines Western culinary techniques with the flavors of China, Japan, Hawaii, and beyond with remarkably innovative results. Alan Wong's New Wave Luau showcases Alan's signature blend of Pacific-Rim styles for the home cook.
Although Alan's food is on the culinary cutting edge, his approach is firmly grounded in the traditions of his native Hawaii. One such tradition is the luau-a lavish feast prepared in honor of family, guests, and other special occasions.
In the opening chapter, Alan puts a distinctive spin on customary luau dishes in recipes such as Kalua Pig Risotto and Steamed Uku Laulau with Ginger-Scallion Sauce. Additional recipes-over 100 in all-range from Hawaiian raw bar pupu (appetizers) to splendid seafood entrees to singular beverages and desserts.
With sumptuous food photography and vintage historical images supplementing the text, Alan Wong's New Wave Luau is an exciting introduction to Hawaii's fascinating cultural heritage as well as to the culinary creations of one of its leading visionaries.