Pâtés and Terrines

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ISBN0-600-32375-7, 9780600323754

This magnificent collection of recipes will help you master the art of pâté and terrine making, from the simplest dish to the most exotic, from local speciality to famous classic.

Pâté and terrine making has a long and illustrious history, and today is as prized and practised an art as it was in the days of Catherine de Medici. They are equally at home whether in picnic basket or on grand buffet table; in fact, they are probably the world's most adaptable culinary form- portable, even-tempered and long-lived. They can be amazingly handsome too: dressed up and decorated, sparkling with aspic diamonds and garlanded with radish roses and pastry leaves, they make an impressive centrepiece for a wedding buffet.
Yet a simple country terrine, with the addition of salad and bread, is the perfect light lunch.
Pâtés and Terrines is designed to show you how to master this most attractive of the culinary arts. At their simplest, these dishes need little skill. More elaborate forms galantines, parfaits and pâté de foie gras for
example require the mastery of many techniques. This book covers the entire range, from the indispensable chicken liver terrine to a supremely elaborate stuffed wild boar's head.
All the techniques and tricks are covered, from pastry, stock and forcemeat making, through bouchées, patties and more foreign specialities such as kulebyaka and samosas, and on to the mysteries of sauces, aspic jelly and garnishes.
Each of them is explained in the fullest detail and illustrated with a step-by-step series of colour photographs.
All the classic pâtés and terrines are here to be mastered, and yet there is among the related dishes and suggested variations enough inspiration to keep the imaginative cook happy for a lifetime.