THE CATALAN COUNTRY KITCHEN – Food and Wine from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean Seacoast of Barcelona

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ISBN0-7522-1607-4, 9780752216072

‘Marimar Torres's The Catalan Country Kitchen radiates energy and excitement. It is a wonderful collection of delightful stories, fascinating history and tantalizing recipes.'
Paula Wolfert

Catalunya, the rich gastronomic region of northeastern Spain, is one of Europe's best-kept culinary secrets. Its remarkable cuisine is based on thousands of years of country cooking and reflects the heritage
of Provence, which was once part of Catalunya, as well as the influence of Greece and Italy.
Marimar Torres, whose renowned family traces its wine-growing roots back to the seventeenth century, captures the flavours of the region with over 100 authentic recipes. Tapas and delectable desserts, paellas
and seafood stews, elegant poultry and game dishes are made with unique combinations of classic Catalan ingredients: fragrant tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, onions, nuts, dried fruits and fresh herbs. Many recipes contain luscious medleys of fruits and meats like Pheasant with Grapes and Walnuts, traditional in Catalunya.
In The Catalan Country Kitchen there are family recipes as well as traditional rustic farmhouse fare such as Tarragona-style Fish Stew with Sweet Dried Peppers and Almonds. But there are also sophisticated
dishes that provide a glimpse of the cuisine typical today in the best restaurants of Barcelona.
In addition to the recipes, the author has included suggestions for selecting the right wines and a guide to the region's wines and wineries.
Marimar Torres, a native of Catalunya, heads the Torres family's operations in California, including the Marimar Torres Estate Winery and its Don Miguel Vineyard in Sonoma. She is also the author of The Spanish Table.