The elegant chef’s guide to Hors D’Oeuvres and appatizers

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Antony Worrall-Thompson has created a new concept of dining at his London restaurant Ménage à Trois. Discarding the conventional three-course meal, he offers his customers the opportunity to compose their meals from a wide range of non-traditional appetizers – to be eaten in any order and in any quantity - followed by desserts and cheese. Each delicately presented dish is an artistic creation as well as a culinary adventure.
In this book he reveals the secrets of the Ménage à Trois's success. Recipes for sixty-five savory dishes are included, ranging from veal tenderloin with citrus fruits, caviar and a champagne sauce or a mosaic of salmon and sole with nettle and sorrel sauce, to many less elaborate - but no less exciting - soups and salads.
Each one is illustrated in color by the celebrated photographer Bryce Attwell who has succeeded in capturing the elegance and style of the dishes in his photographs. These, together with the step-by-step guides, provide even an inexperienced cook with the details necessary to accomplish these exotic and original recipes. By interchanging the ingredients, especially the sauces and mousses for which there are a large
number of additional unusual recipes at the end of the book, the home cook can create endless permutations of new and delightful dishes.